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    Nanling Automobile Group was founded in September, 1999. With a registered capital of 140 million, Nanling has been listed in the TOP 100 Auto Dealer Groups of China for consecutive eleven years. Nanling Automobile has now developed a leading business model and mature service system in the industry with 40 subsidiaries and franchises of dozens of reputable auto brands.

    Besides car sale and maintenance service, Nanling Automobile also provides complete and comprehensive solution for the automobile industry chain including spare part supply, F&I, on-line used car transaction platform, car mortgage, car leasing, car registration and etc..

    Adhering to the service promise of “Nanling Service, Touching You”, Nanling Automobile has endeavored to make itself a landmark in the industry and provide excellent and complete service experience for the customer. Honorably, industriousness has brought Nanling Automobile multiple rewards from both the government and influential social organizations which include, just to name a few, “Guangdong TOP Brand”, “Famous Trademark of Guangzhou”, “Recognized Important Enterprise with Headquarter in Guangzhou”, “Advanced Communist Party Organization Among Non-public Economy”, “Top 100 Auto Dealer Groups of China” from 2010 to 2021, “Social Welfare Charity Award”, “Outstanding Enterprise among Guangdong Automobile Distribution Industry in the 40 Years of Reform and Opening-up”, “Top 10 Auto Dealer Groups of Guangdong Province”, “Executive Member of China Auto Dealers Association”, “Vice Chairman Member of Guangdong Auto Dealers Association”, “Vice President of Guangdong Automobile E-Commerce Promotion Association”, “Executive Vice President of Guangzhou Automobile Service Industry Association”, “Standing Committee of Guangzhou Federation of Industry and Commerce (General Chamber of Commerce)”, and etc..

    In the long run, Nanling Automobile’s strategic focus is constructing an OTO service eco-system in the automobile aftermarket which aims to develop new value for the company and provide delightful and convenient auto life for every car consumer.

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